### 2.3.2 // 2022.03-Mar.02
📦 NEW: GH-FH \ Adds input type hinting for fields with varying types
📦 NEW: Adds rule option to hide Your License Details panel
👌 IMPROVE: Registers all scripts with GF for better operability with No Conflict Mode
👌 IMPROVE: GH-FH \ Hides amount in condensed view for hidden products
🐛 FIX: GH-FH \ Checks choice option existence only for is/isnot operators
🐛 FIX: GH-OF \ Maybe fixes modulo by zero when rendering column

### 2.3.1 // 2022.02-Feb.11
📦 NEW: GH-FI \ In editor alert on broken conditional logic rules
📦 NEW: GH-FI \ In editor alert on missing fields in calculation formulas
📦 NEW: Provides snippet to preserve entry list columns when form is duplicated
🐛 FIX: GH-FH \ Restricts condensed view toggle to form editor
🐛 FIX: GH-FH \ Hides password strength in condensed view
👌 IMPROVE: GH-FH \ Improves collapsible sections styling for condensed view
👌 IMPROVE: Improves section/page styling for outlined fields

### 2.3 // 2022.01-Jan.08
📦 NEW: GH-FH \ Adds condensed editor view
📦 NEW: GH-FH \ Provides snippet to outline fields in editor for clearer delineation
📦 NEW: GH-FN \ Add basic field hinting for field notes
👌 IMPROVE: GH-FH \ More consistent styling

### 2.2.3 // 2022.01-Jan.03
📦 NEW: Adds section to system report
📦 NEW: Provides snippet to allow exporting of entry notes with entries
📦 NEW: Provides rule to hide administrative tooltips
📦 NEW: GH-FI \ Checks GP Notification Scheduler usage

### 2.2.2 // 2021.12-Dec.17
📦 NEW: Append form ID to form title in form drop down selector when search by form ID snippet enabled
📦 NEW: GH-FH \ Adds field hinting for calculation
📦 NEW: GH-FH \ Adds field hinting for parameterNames
👌 IMPROVE: GH-FH \ Reveal more info for conditionaLogic hinting
👌 IMPROVE: GH-FH \ Sets proper icons for post custom field and option indicators
🐛 FIX: Fixes fatal error when Gravity Forms is not active

### 2.2.1 // 2021.11-Nov.22
📦 NEW: GH-FH \ Adds field hinting for field type
👌 IMPROVE: GH-FH \ Better placement of field hints for choice-based fields
🐛 FIX: GH-FI \ Hooks to proper filter for checking forms on import

### 2.2 // 2021.11-Nov.19
📦 NEW: Adds Field Hinting Module
📦 NEW: Provides snippet to reveal admin label alongside field in form editor
📦 NEW: Provides snippet to provide more readable rows on logging page table
📦 NEW: Adds rule option to enable cc setting in notifications via gform_notification_enable_cc
📦 NEW: Adds rule option to disable logging notice in dev environments via GF_LOGGING_DISABLE_NOTICE
👌 IMPROVE: Purges duplicate code resulting from module consolidation

### 2.1.1 // 2021.10-Oct.21
👌 IMPROVE: Distinguishes enhancements from core configs
🐛 FIX: Respects Gravity Hopper enhancement settings
🐛 FIX: Resolves Notice: Undefined variable: gravityhopper_mode

### 2.1 // 2021.10-Oct.19
👌 IMPROVE: Tweaks the check on hop type
👌 IMPROVE: Removes console.log when searching hops
👌 IMPROVE: Removes unused js function declaration
🐛 FIX: Properly retrieve hops in certain instances
🐛 FIX: Properly filter forms in form list
🐛 FIX: Checks that constant used for development is not already defined

### 2.0 // 2021.10-Oct.18
📦 NEW: Adds Forms → Settings page for managing Gravity Hopper config
📦 NEW: Adds Gravity Hopper snippet enhancements
📦 NEW: Support installation on single site for templating
📦 NEW: Merges functions of Gravity Hopper Child in order to replace it
📦 NEW: Consolidates all Gravity Hopper utility plugins
📦 NEW: Adds development mode for better troubleshooting
‼️ BREAKING: Network requires constant define( 'GRAVITYHOPPER_NETWORK_HUB', true );
‼️ BREAKING: Page templates need significant overhaul - disabling for now

### 1.0.0 // 2021.08-Aug.01 =
🚀 RELEASE: Initial launch
Code language: plaintext (plaintext)

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