Adding Fields From the Hopper

In order to append field templates from your hopper to a new or existing form, you will access Hopper → Add to Form in the right sidebar of the form editor. You will then be able to search your existing templates by title or view according to type of template (ie. group, field, or section). Once you’ve identified the hop you would like to include, click the ➕ to the left of the previewer. This will queue that group at the bottom of your form editor. Select any others you might like to include and then click Add to Form. This will append all fields contained in those templates to the end of the form.

When a templates is imported to a form, the fields of that template are assigned new field IDs. This ensures there are no conflicts with fields that may already exist on the form. Conditional logic should be preserved when field IDs are re-assigned. However, it is recommended that you inspect all field properties after adding templates to a form. Specifically, you will want to manually update any properties from third-party plugins that may rely upon field IDs.

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