Available Keybindings

The keyboard shortcuts available to you are determined contextually based on the screen you are currently viewing within the Gravity Forms interface.

Global Level

Global Actions

?Toggle Keyboard Shortcuts
%Toggle Dark Mode

Global Navigation

g fGo to All Forms
g aGo to Active Forms
g iGo to Inactive Forms
g tGo to Trashed Forms
g [id]Go to specific form
g hGo to Hopper
g ,Go to Settings

Form Level

Form Navigation

g gGo to Form Editor
g eGo to Entries
g sGo to Form Settings
g cGo to Confirmations
g nGo to Notifications
g !Go to Integrity
g `Go to Form Notes

Form Actions

alt + sSave form
jFocus next field
kFocus previous field
f [id]Focus specific field
aAdd Fields
pPreview or Live Preview
^Toggle Condensed View

Field Actions

dDuplicate field
deleteDelete field

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