Configuring a Network

This document outlines some things you will want to consider and first steps you need to take in setting up a self-hosted dashboard for building, deploying, and managing your Gravity Forms.


While not required, we highly recommended that, for your network hub, you install Gravity Hopper on a clean and secure WordPress installation and not on an operational live site. This will help eliminate any unwanted plugin conflicts and will better ensure the security of both your dashboard and your networked sites.

Gravity Hopper requires that you are running Gravity Forms 2.5+.

Setting Up Your Network

  • Download Gravity Hopper from your account.
  • Install and activate Gravity Hopper on the site you have dedicated as a network hub.
  • Add the constant GRAVITYHOPPER_NETWORK_HUB to the wp-config.php file of the network hub.
  • Install and activate Gravity Hopper on any remote site you would like included in the network.
  • From your network hub, connect each site.

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