Form Integrity

Know with confidence which plugins are needed to keep your form functioning properly. Form Integrity runs in the background to track form dependencies and alerts you when something seems to be missing. Build. Publish. Confidently.

Step 1: Build Your Forms

Develop your Gravity Forms as you do.

Step 2: Deploy With Confidence

Deploy your forms knowing they have what they need to function properly.


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  • Your purchase plants 2 trees
  • Renewals offset 75 KG CO2
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  • 3 Sites
  • Your purchase plants 4 trees
  • Renewals offset 150 KG CO2
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  • Your purchase plants 11 trees
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You May Be Wondering…

Are all Gravity Form plugins auto-tracked?

We’ve included a growing library of all Gravity Forms official add-ons and plugins from Certified Developers. If these plugins leave some reliable footprint in the form object, then they are auto-tracked. Others will be available to mark manually as in use by a form.

How do I add a plugin to my list?

When any plugin is activated on your site, we check to see whether the plugin path contains the word gravity. If it does, then we’ll add the term for use on your site. Upon installation, run at auto-scan or available plugins at Forms → Dependencies.

Why can I not see some of my Gravity Form plugins?

If use of a plugin is auto-tracked, then it will not appear in your list of plugins unless it is in use on that specific form.

What happens when I export/import a form?

When you export a form, the Gravity Hopper Form Integrity plugin stores your form dependencies in the form object. When you import a form, Form Integrity checks for previously identified dependencies. If the form has not been used with Form Integrity before, we will still run a scan to see what plugins might be needed for the form.