Gravity Hopper Network Bundle

Set up a central dashboard for form development and management. Save your regularly used fields, field groups, sections, and pages for easy use in the future. Create once. Use everywhere.

Step 1: Build Your Forms

With a personal template library, develop your Gravity Forms faster than ever.

Step 2: Deploy With Confidence

Deploy forms to any networked site knowing they have what they need to function properly.

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Meet Gravity Hopper!

For more details read through the launch post on our blog.


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You May Be Wondering…

Can this be installed on any site?

Gravity Hopper itself is intended to be installed on a standalone WordPress installation that will server as a network hub to which you can connect your other WordPress sites on which you are running Gravity Forms.

Important: To ensure the integrity of your form data and connections, the bundled Gravity Hopper Child plugin should be installed and active on any site that is connected to your network.

If you’ve purchased Pro (which includes the Utility Bundle), any of the utility plugins can be installed on any site.

How do I set up my network?

Please reference the Starter Guide.

Are form feeds synced to the network?

All form feeds associated with form will be deployed when you send them. Please note that some Gravity Forms add-ons have special site-specific settings for feeds and may need additional configuration on child sites.

Do we play nice with other Gravity Form add-ons?

Gravity Hopper should work alongside other Gravity Form add-ons, but has not yet been tested thoroughly with all native or third-party extensions. Note that you will want to ensure any add-ons in use on the form, will need to also be active on the network sites. If you encounter a conflict, please submit a support ticket and we’ll check it out.