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Organized Forms

Put your forms and entries in place and find them easily. Letting you group forms and entries in custom folders, Organized Forms makes a great addition to any site with many forms. File. Filter. Find.

Step 1: Create Folders

Set folder structure according to the specific needs of a site.

Step 2: File Forms & Entries

Easily assign your forms and/or entries to any number of folders.

Step 3: Filter & Find

Open a specific folder for easy access to these items.


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You May Be Wondering…

How do I manage available folders?

In your admin menu, visit the Form Folders or Entry Folders submenu item under Forms. From there you can add, rename, and delete the available folders.

Can a form or entry be filed to multiple folders?

Yes. Forms and entries can be assigned any number of folders.

Can I bulk add forms to a folder?

No. This is not currently possible.

What happens when a folder is removed?

When you delete a folder, all forms assigned to that folder will only. be unassigned from that folder.