Introducing Gravity Hopper 2.0


Only months after initial launch, I am excited to announce Gravity Hopper 2.0 – the best in developer-focused tools for Gravity Forms. Just as it’s said that “birds of a feather flock together,” we figured all our various utility plugins and snippets would do well together. So, in order to improve our product and services, all our utility plugins have been merged into and are available as modules in our flagship plugin, Gravity Hopper.

What’s New in Gravity Hopper 2.0?

With this release, we have made it even easier to manage your developer tools for Gravity Forms. All Gravity Hopper users with any active subscription will now have easy access to Field Templates, Organized Forms, Field Notes, Form Integrity, Keyboard Shortcuts, Easy Repeatable Exports and other future modules we may release. Visit your account dashboard to secure your personalized pricing and make the move to Gravity Hopper 2.0 today.

Not yet familiar with Gravity Hopper? Here’s your quick walk-through:

This version also gives you the ability to easily enable many enhancement we’ve been recently providing to Gravity Forms users. Need to reveal field IDs when editing your form? Want to widen your form editor sidebar? These UI tweaks are now available with a quick click.

What’s Next?

Now that our Gravity Forms add-ons live within the same plugin, we will begin working to more comprehensively merge the codebase and give attention to performance improvements. We’ll also be looking to plan out new features and ensure reliability of existing features.

Take Flight

Are you ready to make the leap? Gravity Hopper offers an elite array of builder tools that integrates seamlessly with Gravity Forms, saving you time and effort with every form you touch. Get creative today with Gravity Hopper.