Elite builder tools for efficiency-minded Gravity Forms users.

“Exactly what I’ve been needing for years.” — Ben

Gravity Hopper

Tools to boost your Gravity Forms development.

Email Templates

Europa Email Template

“No code” styling of Gravity Forms notifications. For an extra touch of professionalism, look no further than Email Templates.

Form Integrity

Tracking Used Plugins

Track Gravity-related plugins in use on your form. Form Integrity runs in the background and alerts you when something seems amiss.

Organized Forms

Form Folders

Are sites overloaded with forms? Organized Forms will add a sense of order to that lengthy list. Create folders and file forms for easy access.

Field Templates

Saved Field Groups

Quickly save and search often-used fields and groups of fields. Add to your form with a click.

Form Overview

Configured Feeds

Know at a glance all active and inactive feeds configured for your forms.

Field Hinting

Easy Access to Field Properties

Quickly review field logic, labels, and such with and easy peek at the underlying settings of each field.

Field Notes

Take notes on how your form functions. Track development or collaborate during your build.

Network Hub

Host a central dashboard for form development and management. Build. Deploy.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keybinding to up the efficiency with which you navigate your Gravity Forms environment.

Additional Enhancements

Gravity Hopper introduces a number of other improvements to the Gravity Forms interface, saving you time during form development. These include…

  • Introduce dark mode UI to admin interface
  • Increase width of form editor sidebar
  • Consolidate field groups in Add Fields sidebar
  • Outline fields in form editor for clear delineation
  • Copy gravityform shortcode from the form list table
  • Order form list table by most recent
  • Search by form ID and show ID in form switcher
  • Preserve entry list columns when form is duplicated
  • Provide more readable logging list
  • Allow entry notes to be exported
  • Hide administrative tooltips
  • Hide license details
  • Hide Post Fields
  • Disable view counter & hide view/conversion columns
  • Enable cc: field on notifications
  • Hide logging enabled security notice (in dev environment)
Enhancing the Form Editor

Gravity Hopper Pricing

  • 1 Site
  • Purchase plants 2 trees
  • 4 Sites
  • 1 Network Hub
  • Purchase plants 5 trees
  • Unlimited Sites
  • 1 Network Hub
  • Purchase plants 9 trees

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Multisite Global Forms

Multisite Global Forms

Have you ever needed to distribute a form to your multisite network? Multisite Global Forms seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms and your WordPress multisite network. Create. Distribute. Sync. Receive.