Effortlessly create forms with time-saving plugins that seamlessly integrate with Gravity Forms

Stellar Features

Discover our range of top-notch modules that seamlessly integrate with Gravity Forms.

Email Templates

Elevate your email game with beautifully crafted templates for every form.

Form Overview

Quickly glance at your forms’ info & settings, making management a breeze.

Field Hopper

Effortlessly reuse field groups, saving time and maintaining consistency.

Form Integrity

Ensure all your forms run smoothly by verifying necessary plugins are active.

Form Folders

Tidy up your workspace by organizing forms into customizable folders.

Field Notes

Add crucial notes to fields, keeping all your insights in one place.

Field Hinting

Discover field settings with ease, streamlining your form creation process.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Boost productivity with shortcuts for swift navigation & actions.

Smart Logs

Enhance your form logging for a clearer view of user interactions.

Form Network

Centralize your form distribution with a powerful, connective hub.


Take your Gravity Forms experience up a notch with UI/UX improvements.


Set and forget your Gravity Forms environment preferences with a click.

What a brilliant collection of tools for Gravity Forms power users! We consistently recommend Gravity Hopper for our own customers every week.

David Smith from Gravity Wiz

Plugins Built for the Power User

Multisite Global Forms

Truly network forms on your multisite with Multisite Global Forms. Create once, distribute widely, and sync effortlessly.

Gravity Hopper

Save time, effort, and resources with our innovative modules that will transform the way you build and manage forms.

This plugin includes all modules highlighted above.