Elite builder tools for efficiency-minded Gravity Forms users.

“Exactly what I’ve been needing for years.” — Ben

Gravity Hopper

Need better tools to boost your Gravity Forms development?

With Gravity Hopper, you benefit from…

Field Templates

Save Fields

Search & Build

If you often add and configure the same fields again and again, templating will serve you well. Add often-used fields and groups of fields to your hopper. Quickly search and add your field templates to a form. Stop tinkering with your most common fields and save time.

Organized Forms

File Forms & Entries

Filter & Find

Do some of your sites get overloaded with forms or entries? Organized Forms will help you add a sense of order to that lengthy list. Create folders and file forms and entries for easy access right when you need it.

Network Hub

connect Connect Sites

send Pull, Push, & Sync

Set up a central dashboard for form development and management. Save your regularly used fields, field groups, sections, and pages for easy use in the future.

Email Templates

Styled Notifications

Easy Configuration

A no code method for styling Gravity Forms notifications. If you’re looking for that extra touch of professionalism, look no further than Email Templates.

Form Integrity

Build Forms

Deploy Confidently

Do you sometimes lose track of what plugins are in use on a site? Form Integrity runs in the background to track form dependencies and alerts you when something seems to be missing.

Field Notes

Take Notes

Use Markdown

It can be easy to lose track of how a form functions. Field Notes lets you track your form development and mark up fields with markdown commenting.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Save Time

Up the efficiency with which you develop and navigate your Gravity Form environment. Keyboard Shortcuts adds a number of basic keyboard shortcuts for use in your Gravity Forms dashboard.

Field Hinting

Better Building

Better Troubleshooting

Getting to the details of your form fields can be quite the chore at times. Handing hinting lets you easily peek at the underlying settings of each field. Need to quickly review all field conditional logic? Get it done with a single click.

Gravity Hopper Pricing

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  • Renewals offset 150 KG CO2
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  • 4 Sites
  • 1 Network Hub
  • Your purchase plants 12 trees
  • Renewals offset 500 KG CO2
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  • Unlimited Sites
  • 1 Network Hub
  • Your purchase plants 20 trees
  • Renewals offset 500 KG CO2
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Multisite Global Forms

Multisite Global Forms

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