There are some options available in Gravity Forms that require configuration via code. Gravity Hopper exposes those settings so that you can fine tune your install without having to dig into the code.


This module is available in the Gravity Hopper plugin.

“Gravity Hopper has made defining Gravity Forms environment details a breeze when deploying to a new client site.”



There are some options available in Gravity Forms that require configuration via code. The following settings allow you to control those via this admin UI with a simple click, rather than digging into code.

Hide administrative tooltips

Filters gform_tooltips to hide all administrative tooltips from the Gravity Forms interface.

Hide license details

Filters gform_settings_display_license_details to hide the license details from Forms → Settings.

Hide Post Fields

Filters gform_add_field_buttons and gform_field_groups_form_editor to remove all Post Fields from the Add Fields tab.

Hide Template Library

Filters gform_bypass_template_library to hide the template library when creating new forms.

Disable view counter & hide view/conversion columns

Filters gform_disable_view_counter and gform_form_list_columns to remove view counter and associated columns from form list table.

Enable cc: field on notifications

Filters gform_notification_enable_cc to allow setting cc: addresses on notifications.

Hide logging enabled security notice

Sets GF_LOGGING_DISABLE_NOTICE to hide notice when wp_get_environment_type() == 'development'.

Expiration (in days) for saved submissions

Filters gform_incomplete_submissions_expiration_days to set the number of days until incomplete saved submissions are removed. Bonus: The rule also dynamically changes the text “This link will expire after 30 days.” in confirmation and notification to reflect the number of days set here.

Number of attempts before abandoning async feeds

Filters gform_max_async_feed_attempts to set the number of tries for async requests before a feed is abandoned.

Number of entries per page in entries table

Filters gform_entry_page_size to set how many entries should be shown per page in entry list.

Custom name for form exports

Filters gform_form_export_filename to allow custom naming for form exports. Supports use of the following merge tags (with available modifiers):

  • {today}
  • {user}
  • {ip}