What information is included with Field Hinting?

Hinting of field properties and settings is presented at two levels.


The primary field hints (those included in the first row) are identification and state properties of the field.

IconDataSlugHints at…Extenders
Field IDidThe field ID
Field TypetypeThe field typeInput type (if available)
Mapped ProductproductFieldThe product to which quantity and option fields are mapped.
VisibilityvisibilityField visibility as set at Advanced → Visibility


Secondary field hints provide data for the configured settings of a field.

IconDataSlugHints at…Extenders
Conditional LogicconditionalLogicConditional logic matching and rule setsForm Integrity will check existence of fields and choices upon which rules are based.
Calculation FormulacalculationFormulaFormula as set at General → FormulaForm Integrity will check existence of fields used in formula.
Dynamic Population ParametersallowPrepopulateParameter Names as set in Advanced when Allow fields to be populated dynamically is enabled.
Admin LabeladminLabelField visibility as set at Advanced → Admin Field Label
Custom CSS ClasscssClassClasses as set at Appearance → Custom CSS Class
Custom Validation MessageerrorMessageMessage as set at Appearance → Custom Validation Message
No DuplicatesnoDuplicatesWhether No Duplicate is enabled at General → Rules

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