Accelerate your form creation process with Field Hinting, providing quick and easy access to field settings. Understand the purpose and configuration of each field at a glance, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity. It’s the smart way to build smarter forms.

  • Quick access to field settings and descriptions
  • On-the-fly guidance for form creation
  • Streamlined workflow for form customization

Field Hinting

This module is available in the Gravity Hopper plugin.

“Field Hinting sped up our form creation process significantly. Understanding each field’s purpose and settings at a glance is incredibly convenient.”


Feature List

Field hinting is a powerhouse time-saving module both when developing and troubleshooting.

Showing/Hiding Hints

As observed in the image above, field hints are inserted alongside form fields in the editor and provide quick access to vital information regarding the configuration of each field. In order to toggle the visibility of these hints, you can click the dashed square in the top menu bar of the form editor or use the single keyboard shortcut key – &. When using the enhancement Persist editor view state across all forms this visibility state will be preserved for your user.

Hint Indicator

Hints are initially loaded as an unobtrusive icon giving an indication as to specific settings that may be enabled or defined for the field. Clicking an icon will expand that specific hint type for all fields on the form and display in the top menu bar an indicator as to what hint is currently being viewed.

Primary Hints

The primary field hints are identification and state properties of the field.

IconDataSlugHints at…Extenders
Field IDidThe field ID
Field TypetypeThe field typeInput type (if available)
Mapped ProductproductFieldThe product to which quantity and option fields are mapped.
VisibilityvisibilityField visibility as set at Advanced → Visibility

Secondary Hints

Secondary field hints provide data for the configured settings of a field.

IconDataSlugHints at…Extenders
ChoiceschoicesOptions for choice-based fields shown as value : label with indication of default values.
Conditional LogicconditionalLogicConditional logic matching and rule setsForm Integrity will check existence of fields and choices upon which rules are based.
UsageusageWhere the field may be used in conditional logic (fields, confirmation, notifications, feeds) and calculations.
Calculation FormulacalculationFormulaFormula as set at General → FormulaForm Integrity will check existence of fields used in formula.
Dynamic Population ParametersallowPrepopulateParameter Names as set in Advanced when Allow fields to be populated dynamically is enabled.
Admin LabeladminLabelField visibility as set at Advanced → Admin Field Label
Custom CSS ClasscssClassClasses as set at Appearance → Custom CSS Class
Custom Validation MessageerrorMessageMessage as set at Appearance → Custom Validation Message
No DuplicatesnoDuplicatesWhether No Duplicate is enabled at General → Rules
Conditional Logic

Module Integrations

Keyboard Shortcuts

&Toggle Field Hinting
#Toggle Show Field IDs


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