Transform your email communications with our Email Templates module. Whether you’re sending out registration confirmations, receipts, or other custom notification, our ready-to-use templates make every email count. Elevate your brand with designs that stand out and engage your audience.

  • Variety of pre-designed templates
  • Set template globally and per notification
  • Customize logo, footer, and colors to fit your brand
  • Easy integration with Gravity Forms and Gravity SMTP.

Email Templates

This module is available in the Gravity Hopper plugin.

“Since using the Email Templates module, our customer engagement metrics have soared. The ability to quickly customize templates has made our communications more professional and consistent.”



Global Settings

These settings can be found by navigating to Forms → Settings → Email Templates.

TemplateThis setting includes a tick box to indicate whether a template should be applied globally to all notifications across the site. It also allows selection and preview of the template to be applied in this manner.
Default Base ColorSet a primary brand color to be used across all templates.
Logo: Image URLThe image URL used to embed a logo in email templates.
Logo: Link URLThe URL to which the logo links when clicked.
Footer TextText to be used in the footer of email templates.

Notification Settings

These settings can be defined within each notification which exists on a form. Settings will be preserved across templates that have the same zones defined. When a setting is left empty, then that template part will be excluded from messages sent using the template.

TemplateThis setting includes a tick box to indicate whether a specific template should override the global template setting. It also allows selection and preview of the specific template to be applied to the notification.
HeadingPrimary header text for the email message.
ImageImage URL to be used as banner for the email message.
GraphicFeatured graphic to be used within message.
Data ZonesVarious text zones for displaying information.
MessageBody content of the template will be pulled from the Message text of notification.
ButtonButton text and URL to which the button links formatted as markdown.
[Button Text](
ValedictionText used to sign the message.
FieldsA small set of fields to include as a data table.








Custom Templates

Custom templates can be made available for use in any notification by adding required file structure to the directory at /wp-content/uploads/gravity_hopper/templates. Additional documentation will be forthcoming. Reference templates in the plugin at includes/modules/gravityhopper-email-templates/templates for template requirements.