Transform your experience with enhancements to the Gravity Forms interface. These UI/UX improvements make every interaction with your forms a pleasure. Elevate the standard of form design and functionality with essential enhancements. From dark mode to entry note exporting, our enhancements cover both visual and functional tweaks that will serve you well. See the full list below.


This module is available in the Gravity Hopper plugin.

“The enhancements introduced by Gravity Hopper have noticeably improved the UI/UX of Gravity Forms. I can’t imagine losing the efficiency it has added to my work.”



These tweaks introduce new minor features to Gravity Forms. While we generally don’t advise overriding the default behavior of core features, we have found that certain improvements can save you time and help provide an efficient workspace for form development. Should you find that any of these snippets interfere with the expected behavior or interface of Gravity Forms, you can disable them here. Certain features may at times be removed or rolled into the core Gravity Hopper plugin depending on future development work of Gravity Forms.

Introduce dark mode UI to admin interface

Persist editor view state across all forms

Increase width of form editor sidebar

Consolidate field groups in Add Fields sidebar

Outline fields in form editor for clear delineation

Show page names in form editor

Add email header showing entry source

Copy gravityform shortcode from the form list table

Order form list table by most recent

Search by form ID and show ID in form switcher

Preserve entry list columns when form is duplicated

Add field descriptions to entry detail

Provide more readable logging list

Allow entry notes to be exported