Assist your troubleshooting with Smart Logs, designed to offer improved insights into user interactions. Improved formatting for Gravity Forms log files ensures easier tracking of any potential issues that crop up. Turn data into action with enhanced logging functionality.

  • Added context for entry logs
  • Quick access to log files

Smart Logs

This module is available in the Gravity Hopper plugin.

“Smart Logs gives us detailed insights to effortlessly develop and troubleshoot. Having a handle on the form submission flow has never been more straightforward.”


Feature List

Log File Modal

From any where within the Gravity Forms interface you can use the keyboard shortcut v l to display a modal indicating log file status with a link to the most recent log file. This also allows quick enabling of logging for all add-ons and deletion of all log files. Note that this feature currently requires that the Keyboard Shortcuts module also be enabled.

Log Entry Formatting

Smart logging introduces readability improvements for log entries across all Gravity Forms add-ons.

Log Entry Context

Where possible, log file entries will capture context indicators including form ID, feed ID, and entry ID.

Module Integrations

Keyboard Shortcuts

v lToggle visibility of log file modal


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