Meet Gravity Hopper!

Meet Gravity Hopper – the newest addition to the Gravity Forms ecosystem.

Gravity Hopper provides elite dev tools for the efficiency-minded user. As such, I am excited to introduce you to the newest development tool for use alongside Gravity Forms and in concert with the many other well-established plugins that build upon the Gravity Forms framework. The Gravity Hopper plugin is a self-hosted hub for the forms you have built across any number of sites.

The Intent

What need are we answering?

While Gravity Hopper comes with a number of features, it was developed with the intent of meeting two specific needs for the Gravity Forms power user – field templating & central form management.

Our Delivery

How have we delivered on this?

The Gravity Hopper plugin functions similarly to many of the well-known WordPress management panels like MainWP, InfiniteWP, and ManageWP. The primary plugin is to be installed on a dedicated central WP instance to which you are able to connect network sites.

Let’s take a brief look at the two previously-mentioned primary features:

The Network

After installing Gravity Hopper on a dedicated site, you will be able to connect any other WordPress site to your network via a WordPress application password. This network can then be used to readily pull and push forms from site to site.

Have a single form you need to keep synced across five sites? Gravity Hopper has it covered. Simply a single instance of the form at your network hub, deploy it to child sites, and easily sync any changes you might make.

The Hopper

Your network hub provides a library wherein you can store a collection of regularly-used fields, field groups, sections, and pages. Populate your library by selecting fields from any form on your network.

Have an application form whereupon you regularly place the following last fields?

  • consent: I hereby authorize…
  • checkbox: Please send a copy of this application to the email indicated above.
  • signature: Applicant’s Signature
  • date: Today’s Date

Gravity Hopper lets you save this field group to your hopper. Next time you need it, simply append it to your form – without the need to re-enter labels and reconfigure settings.

The Utility Bundle

If you choose to go Pro, you will also have access to our full Utility Bundle for use on an unlimited number of sites. Once installed, these utility plugins work seamlessly alongside Gravity Forms core to enhance your form development experience.

Your Move

Gravity Hopper has been built for you – the experienced Gravity Forms user.

If you’ve already begun using any of our plugins, we’d love to hear your glowing testimonial in the comments below (must be signed in to your account to do so).

If you have yet to hop on board, I invite you purchase today. We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Our tools aim to change the way you build forms and we think you’ll agree.

Your Gravity Form templating engine awaits.

Have questions, drop us a message or ping us at @gravityhopper.