Easy Repeatable Exports

When you pull data from a form, you usually want to export the same fields. With Easy Repeatable Exports, the fields you select for export will persist. Select once. Export always.

Step 1: Select Export Fields

As usual, select any of the available fields when exporting entries from your form.

Step 2: See Them Saved

Watch fields auto-check when you begin your next export.


  • 1 Site
  • Your purchase plants 2 trees
  • Renewals offset 75 KG CO2
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  • 3 Sites
  • Your purchase plants 4 trees
  • Renewals offset 150 KG CO2
  • view impact
  • Your purchase plants 11 trees
  • Renewals offset 500 KG CO2
  • view impact

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You May Be Wondering…

Are conditional logic and date range preserved?

Though I am considering the possibility of this, the plugin does not currently populate conditional logic or date ranges you selected during your last export.